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How to Maximize the Space in Your Apartment

November 30th, 2018


Efficiency is king in apartment communities. Everything you need is at hand: you’re close to shopping, schools, transit, and even have amenities on site. Inside your apartment, living spaces are open and also designed for efficiency. But even with the best design, “at hand” can turn into “underfoot” before you know it. Make the most of the space in your apartment with these storage tips:

Capture the unders:

Make sure every square foot of floor space is delivering its maximum storage value. Any table surface should have storage under it, whether built in as cabinetry or with baskets or other containers. Choose side tables that include drawers and cupboards. For a sofa or hall table, use a buffet server or credenza.

Look up:

Thinking vertically gives you tons of storage capacity. Apartment communities will have rules about what kinds of holes you can put in the walls, so make sure you know the rules before your plans get too elaborate. But you may not need to do anything dramatic to give yourself lots of storage. Choose tall bookshelves or wall units for storage and display. Free up drawer space by hanging utensils and cookware from wall hooks. Extend your closet capacity by adding hooks outside the closet for scarves, bags, or jewelry.

Subdivide storage:

Disorganized cupboards and drawers tend to seem overstuffed when they aren’t really holding very much. If you use dividers and containers, you’ll be able to find things easily even when you store more items. Add interior shelves to cupboards to make use of the entire volume. Or hang things like hair appliances or cleaning supplies from a tension rod. Get more cupboard organization ideas here.

Straighten the closet:

Often the prime storage locations in apartment communities are closets, but a bare closet, with no containers or dividers, is set up to be a storage disaster. Maximize by thinking in straight lines—sweaters controlled by shelf dividers, boxes that stack, hanging clothes grouped to a common hemline so you have uninterrupted volume beneath them. For more closet inspiration, check out this gallery from House Beautiful.

Look behind the doors:

Hiding behind your doors is ideal storage: it consumes no space that could go to any other use, it’s out of sight, and it helps you be better organized. Pocket sorters often used for shoes are also great for jewelry, socks, belts, medicines, makeup, hair products, cleaning supplies, craft supplies…you get the idea? Over-door racks give you extra pantry storage. Spices can be kept organized and easy to reach on the backs of cupboard doors.

When your apartment is well-organized, you can make the most of your home as well as everything else apartment communities offer to make living there great.


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