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How to Find an Apartment You Can Call Home

September 28th, 2018


When you’re searching apartments for rent, you’re not just looking for a menu of features that looks appealing right now. You’re looking for a place to call home. So how do you know you’ve found a place that you’ll still love next week and next year? Try following these steps.

Know your budget:

Financial stress can drown out everything else that might be good in life, including an extra bedroom or some extra amenities. If you’re not sure how much rent you can afford, check out this post from The Spruce. It has great tips as well as links to rent calculators online. Once you set your budget, stick to it. And avoid looking at apartments for rent that are above your limit.

Identify your ideal location:

If you put yourself close to the places you go on a regular basis, you’re putting meaningful time back into your life. Time to slow down in the morning, time to relax in the evening, time to say, “I can just run out and grab that” instead of “oh, never mind—it’s too hard.” Double that when the weather is bad. Put a pin in your ideal location and start looking at apartments for rent in circles that step outward from there.

Prioritize your amenity wish list:

No apartment is going to have everything you want, and some may have way more than you care about. So, define your priorities. As you consider apartments for rent, give extra value to the ones that most closely match your list. Having those amenities accessible will improve your quality of life. Apartments that have a lot of amenities aren’t worth more if the extras are things you probably won’t use. Apartments that miss an item or two on your list might still be great if those are low-priority items.

Evaluate the landlord:

When you rent an apartment, you’re entering into a business relationship. And you need to know it’ll be a good one. The landlord is responsible for maintaining the property you live in, so when something goes wrong you need to know your home life won’t suffer. As you look at apartments for rent, check business reviews. Make sure that problems get taken care of promptly, that the driveways get plowed, and that deposit or rent records are accurate.

Check your heart:

After you’ve looked at enough apartments for rent that you’re satisfied the practicalities are addressed, it’s time to ask where your heart is. You’re choosing a home, not a storage unit. You’re supposed to love it, to feel glad when you open the door. Of course, it should be clean and in good condition, but things like thoughtful design and quality materials aren’t frivolous. They’re what make home your happy place.

Yes, the menu of apartments for rent might be overwhelming, but when you follow the right steps you’re sure to end up in a place where you’re glad to settle down and stay.


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