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Get Your Apartment Ready for Fall

November 1st, 2018


Apartments give you maintenance-free, chore-free living, so getting ready for fall doesn’t mean insulating, blowing out the sprinklers, or cleaning the gutters. Instead, you can focus on what you love: making your home cozy and inviting on the inside. Here are some touches that will make you glad to be indoors:

Begin with a centerpiece:

In apartments it’s pretty typical for the dining table to be at the center of the living spaces, which makes it a focal-point decorating spot. Set the seasonal tone with a fall centerpiece, which gets you in the seasonal mood before you close the door behind you. This collection from Country Living will give you lots of ideas for not just centerpieces but fall table settings, as well, and many of them are made from things you already have on hand. These centerpieces work just as well on coffee tables and side tables, as well.

Start a fire:

“Hearth” is a big part of “home and hearth.” Yet many apartments don’t have fireplaces. If that’s your situation, you can warm your soul just as well with candles. If you distribute candles (scented or not) around the apartment you’ll have a twinkling flame to catch your eye anywhere you look. Or create more of a hearth feel by assembling a collection of candles. Vary the height and dimension, then make an arrangement on a tray along with pumpkins and gourds, pinecones, vines and branches…you get the idea. Put the arrangement in front of a mirror to double the warmth and sparkle.

Add luxury with layers:

Apartments start out as four walls, some bare countertops, and a floor. The more layers you add, the more depth and comfort you create, and that’s especially true in cold weather. As you add pillows and throws, choose textiles that provide texture of their own: woven cord, topstitching or frayed edges, fringe, chunky knits, faux fur and other plush textures. A fiber wall hanging—woven or knotted—is another way to add texture.

Include natural elements:

Nature nourishes the soul, and living in Utah makes it a big part of your life. Natural elements in your home décor give you apartments that do the same thing, and fall is the perfect time to play up organics. Cut fall branches—either colorful or structural and bare—for arrangements. Look for decorating accents made of natural wood and stone. Live plants are always welcome, especially when you can use fragrant herbs or juniper. Fill glass vessels with river stones, pinecones, or nuts. And don’t forget the harvest classics: pumpkins, gourds, and squash.

Make a snuggly bedroom:

Don’t forget about bedrooms just because they’re tucked to the back in most apartments. Making yourself cozy is the goal of seasonal décor, so feather your nest with extra pillows and throws (remember the texture!) and replace your summer blanket with a fluffy duvet or mounded quilts. Finish with a plush rug to step into on a cold morning.

Apartments free you from fall chores so you can enjoy all that autumn has to offer. Celebrate by creating the warm nest you want.


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