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Use Lighting to Enhance Your Apartment

May 26th, 2017


You put a lot of effort into choosing your apartment decor—choosing a color palette, arranging your rooms, selecting accessories, to say nothing of keeping things tidy and maintained. If there were one thing you could to make it all even better, wouldn’t you want to do it? You can, by using these tips to enhance with light:

First, know lighting types:

Interior designers tend to divide lighting into three categories: ambient, task, or accent. You get ambient light—the general lighting that illuminates the whole room—from your ceiling mounted fixtures. Task light is what you use to see what you’re doing as you engage in a task—reading, writing, cooking, hobbies, etc. Accent light is the jewelry, meant to draw your eye to architectural or decorative elements. Distribute all three types of lighting throughout the entire three-dimensional space.

Add reflection:

Maximize the value of any light in the room with reflection. Reflective surfaces such as metallic furniture, glass, or decorative elements distribute light around the room, catching it and passing it on. A mirror on an interior wall serves as a virtual window, reflecting not only the view but the natural light from the other side of the room. If you want to make a small room look larger, reflection is a high-value apartment decor tool.

Open dark spaces:

The interplay of light and shadow is important in any lighting design, but overhung, shadowed spaces around the perimeter of a room make it feel smaller. If you add accent lighting in bookshelves, under-cabinet areas, and spaces under shelves or cornices, you’ll instantly discover that the room feels more expansive, and that objects in those spaces become focal points. It’s easy to add inexpensive adhesive LED strip lighting to your apartment decor.

Choose the right light:

With so many light bulb choices available, you can customize the quality and intensity of light. Check here for a good primer on the types of bulbs, brightness, and color, but take the time to also look at in-store displays to actually see what the article is talking about. Your choice of bulb has a huge effect on your apartment decor. Just be sure to be consistent, whatever you choose, not only in the bulb but in the lampshade. Stick to either warm or cool shades, and a consistent level of intensity, within a single room.

Create features with accent light:

The right lighting can turn a thrift-store piece of pottery or a child’s painting into a special work of art, and give your apartment decor an elevated look. Add a clip-on picture light to any framed artwork you want to feature, without regard to how much you paid for it. Or for subtler emphasis, point a directed uplight onto a wall hanging, framed piece of art, or even a plant or shelf display.

With the right lighting, all the hard work you put into your apartment decor will have a chance to really shine.


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