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Turn a Chaotic Kitchen into an Efficient Kitchen with These Tips

June 15th, 2017


There many words you want associated with your kitchen — “open,” “inviting” and “stylish” come to mind — but “chaos” definitely is not one of them. With the influx of foodies and the renewed focus on meal time at home, the modern-day kitchen must be as sleek and efficient as possible.

These steps can help you turn a chaotic apartment kitchen into an abundantly efficient room:

Get Organized — Within Reason

Being organized is a wonderful thing, but like any wonderful thing, too much becomes problematic. One of the major concerns with organization is the tools that people use to deploy it — specifically, when people buy and use too many of the tools that are supposed to streamline their kitchen and make life easier.

Many of these supposed space savers were designed to maximize your kitchen space yet actually end up complicating your counter. The antidote? Take a long, hard look at the tools that live in your kitchen, then be honest with yourself and get rid of everything you don’t need.

Make Sure Everything Has Its Place

A plan for keeping your kitchen efficient is a great idea, but it’s only as efficient as the people using it. When organization devolves, the result often is kitchen counters overrun with car keys, piles of mail, and a wide array of odds and ends that don’t belong there.

Once you decide where each type of kitchen tool and utensil should reside, every person in the home must work together to uphold those rules.

Clean in Spurts

Apartment kitchens, which usually are relatively small, swiftly fill up with dirty dishes, used containers and the like. If you don’t clean often, disarray will rule the roost — making your home feel smaller than it really is.

Cleaning in short but efficient spurts is the best way to stave off overwhelming kitchen disasters.

Do What Works For You

Online tools such as Pinterest provide a huge quantity of ideas for reducing kitchen clutter. There are many good tips, but not all of them will work within your lifestyle. Mixing and matching the best available tactics with your own ideas is the best way to develop a kitchen organization plan that will work in reality, not just in theory.

Apartment Kitchens That Meet Your Needs

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