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Maximize Your Closet Space, No Matter the Size

May 18th, 2017


Ah, if only you could have a magic closet that got bigger when you open the doors. Sure, it’d be nice, but it’s just as easy to use a large closet inefficiently as a small one. If your apartment organization plans need you to make the most of reality, use these tips to make the most of the closet you have:

Simplify, simplify:

Apartment organization as a whole depends on keeping with you only what you use constantly. Everything else should be given or thrown away, or if necessary, put into outside storage. Purge your closet of anything you don’t use or wear all the time before you make any conclusions about how much space you do or do not have.

Identify empty space:

When apartment organization is working, everything is accessible and no space is wasted. The same is true in the closet. Your closet may be filled from front to back, but probably isn’t from top to bottom. Look at the open spaces beneath half-height hanging clothes, above whatever is on the shelf, back in the hard-to-access corners. The volume of these spaces equals the volume of space that’s completely free for the taking.

Repurpose creatively:

Lots of organizers have names that suggest a single use, but don’t let those names constrain you. Part of the fun of apartment organization is the opportunity for creativity. Use a shoe organizer for rolled-up sweaters (fringe benefit: sweaters hold their shape better). Or sorted underwear or socks. Or workout wear. Tie racks, with their closely-spaced hangers, are great for jewelry or for any strappy clothing. Capture wallets and clutches in a file rack.

Think geometrically:

Slumping piles, uneven stacks of boxes, and haphazard hanger organization all contribute to your closet holding far less than it could. In all apartment organization, build with the goal of creating straight lines. Spend a (very) little money to buy uniform hangers so your clothes hang evenly and are visible, and organize hanging clothes by their length to maximize the available space beneath them. Spend a little more to replace mismatched boxes with stackable containers. Use shelf dividers to keep folded clothes from collapsing into tangled heaps.

Maximize vertical storage:

If your closet is small, make sure you’re using the walls in it and possibly the walls outside it. Getting things off the floor is key to apartment organization everywhere, and it’s likely that you have available back-of-door and wall space in your closet for racks and hangers. Hang heeled shoes from a towel rod or rail. A pantry rack on the back of the closet door is a great place for boxes, bottles, jars, and toiletries. Finally, you can come pretty close to that magically expanding closet by adding shelving units outside the closet. Use beautiful containers and style the shelves with jewelry and accessories to turn storage into a bedroom display.

Although there may not be magic solutions to your closet larger, with a few improvements it can give far more to your apartment organization.


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