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How to Get Along With Your Roommates

July 28th, 2017



For many, a sign that reads “Apartments for Rent” really means “Roommates Encouraged.” Apartment living with a good group of friends can be a wonderful thing — especially when you find the right place. However, getting along with those friends for an extended period of time requires a bit of work.

With realistic expectations and eyes wide open from the beginning, anyone can get along with their roommates and take full advantage of all that apartment homes have to offer.

Prepare as Much as Possible

No matter how well you know someone before living with him or her, it’s impossible to fully comprehend what living with that person is like until you actually do it. Still, the more you know in advance, the better.

Find your own unique ways to learn about your roommates. Maybe it’s a series of social outings. Perhaps everyone involved takes the same personality test. Whatever you choose, make a good faith effort to know your roomies reasonably well prior to moving day.

Set Rules Together

Setting house rules sounds easy enough, but it can be tricky. After all, depending on backgrounds and experiences, ideas about proper etiquette vary greatly. It’s amazing how strongly many people feel about seemingly benign topics such as cooking, cleaning, temperature, noise and much more.

It might take a couple hours, but working through your differences and coming up with a strong set of house rules from the outset can help you sidestep an array of potential household arguments.

Adhere to the Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is simple but powerful: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When you treat people with respect, more often than not they will reciprocate.

Now consider the likely alternatives: Backbiting; petty sarcasm; and weeks-long standoffs related to dirty dishes, garbage bags and/or vacuuming. No thank you.

Respect Personal Space

Even immediate family members deserve and demand their own personal space, so of course friends who share a home deserve the same level of respect — if not more. Sharing living space is one thing, but sharing personal space is a no-go.

Communicate Often

If you can’t be truthful with your roommate about at least some of the issues that are bothering you, discord is inevitable. Like in any relationship, you have to talk about things before they spin out of control.

It’s not about touchy-feely conversations. It’s about getting problems out in the open.

The Right Apartment For You and Your Roommates

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